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Who Are We


Waste Will Save Us is a fashion retail and workshop hub

Merging DIY customisation combined with elements of traditional ritualistic practice including sound and scent for a fully immersive experience

Our aim is to connect people to each other and their environment through the art of creative play 

Encouraging rethinking waste by repurposing what we already have and breathing new life into old clothes and materials that would otherwise end up in landfill

We use waste derived materials, products and services

We encourage conscious product design and buying


We refer to ancient principles 

The essence of the brand is paradoxical

The paradox being that in the wasteland there is hope

For so long we have discarded that which no longer serves us


Disregarding infinite possibilities

The paradigm is finally shifting

Our eyes now open

We aim to unite  


Together we can


Spell out change

Expand minds

 Create thought provoking matter


Inspired by a clear vision for change


Where closed loop circular models of production and consumption are mandatory because the future survival of this planet needs this.


We need to look beyond the traditional industrial frameworks that we have been conditioned to, and look for new ways of reparation.


We need global economic  accountability, for better social and environmental choices, this growing combined effort striving for an integrated system, one that will quantify an honest and fair economic structure.


We need collective community action

A connected consciousness

We can make a difference 




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