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Established in 2014 with the idea of promoting transparency and mindfulness.


Big A little z is dedicated to communicating a more sustainable way to shop.

Our mission is to spell out change.

We aim to 
Expand minds
Challenge stereotypes

And create thought provoking matter.

With unique fashion and ifestyle products, and a platform promoting art, fashion, health, beauty and culture.

Our products are either handmade by BigAlittlez in our London studio, or handpicked and sourced, from some of the most interesting and talented designers and artists, whose paths we have crossed in our search for one of a kind. 

We look for individual pieces that inspire and excite, and have curated our very own bizarre bazaar. 

All BigAlittlez printed t-shirts are screen-printed by hand, using only waterbased inks to avoid any nasty chemicals.

We make a concerted effort to encourage recycling and rehoming of garments.

We strive for transparency and fair lines of production, and do our best to encourage and promote this.

BigAlittlez want to give back by donating 10% of all profits to charitable causes. Our strategy includes charitable work, that benefits both local and international communities, making them partners of a bigger long term picture. 

We can all make a difference.

And our time is now.

Explore and enjoy. 

The BigAlittlez team

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